Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gobble Gobble Goes The Wife

The Common question those like to ask is, "what did you do during your weekend?" Well I bet you never got "I went to a turkey course" before. Well, that happened...

About Two weeks prior the husband caught me as I was half asleep, not paying attention to ask me if I wanted to go to a Turkey Course with him. In my sleep filled eyes I said yes... without asking.. That was issue No. 1. 

A few days went by and it was brought up again and he told me he was excited to to do the course together... As he was explaining what this coarse would involve I stopped him abruptly as I said "What the heck did I sign up for". 

He pulled the "Honey it's bonding time". So I continued to get engaged with the idea of going to spend eight hours on a beautiful Saturday to learn about from beginning to end of safe turkey hunting to preparing and the sport of  hunting.

Saturday Morning rolled around, as I woke up to my husband poking me with a goose honker I lifted my head from the pillow at 7:30am on a Saturday and told him no coffee, no breakfast then there is no Turkey Class.. So needless to say I got breakfast in bed.. YUM! As I was sitting in bed waking up with coffee and pancakes I noticed from the side of my eye a pile of Camouflage sitting at the end of the bed, I should have thought twice about why there were so much camo staring at me, but it was too early.

As I got ready, the husband thought it was okay for him to try and dress me.. HEAD TO TOE CAMO - This wife doesn't do Camo. So I was dressed comfortably while he was in everything camo, even his boxers were camo.. I shook my head and we headed out the door. He told me it was to hide from the turkeys..serious..we weren't going hunting.. but we had to be hidden.
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So, the husband was right, 90% of the class was in camo and work boots.. As the course went on, it was very interesting. The Pictures in the power point did become a little graphic for me but as the coarse went one I began to think, who in their right friggin mind would want to be covered head to toe blending in the woods, face painted sitting against a tree.. I'm sorry, Who wants to be sitting there with the possibility of getting shot by another hunter.. however that was the point of the coarse not to get hurt. Seriously thought, not this girl!

I have to ask, have you ever tried to call for a turkey? Did you know how many different callers you can get? I will always be haunted by the sound of turkey calls for the next few months as that's all I heard for a few hours straight. Maybe even longer as we have multiple turkeys around our property on a daily basis.

Did I mention, the husband one best turkey call in the novice division of the class.. now he thinks he is a turkey calling master. I haven't stopped hearing about it, even the poor cats are confused about these strange sounds.. I guess we will be counting down until the end of turkey season, the end of May can't come soon enough.

For those who are turkey hunting, please be safe and happy hunting.

Until Next time, Gobble Gobble.

Homestead Wife

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