Sunday, April 16, 2017

Eggs In One Basket

This was our first year hosting Easter - this year was very special for my husbands family. 

This marks one year after huge health scares for my father in law, with both my sister in laws away we pulled off the greatest surprise the Easter bunny has ever seen. After not feeling well and trying to find energy and having a husband on crutches (that story is for another time), I hosting our first Easter Dinner and had my sister in laws and their boyfriends travel up north and jump out of the closet when the In-laws arrived.

Since there were no kids at our dinner I had to step it up a notch to have the Easter spirit shine. When I think of Easter, I think of the big Easter Egg Hunt, the kind you wake up early for, where you NEED to beat your siblings and get only the best chocolates and goodies laying around. So this was a must - 52 stuffed eggs, one acre, four baskets and 8 adult I hosted "The Adult Only Hunt".

You must be thinking, whats the big deal? Well these eggs weren't just stuffed with your iconic Easter egg chocolates.. No these eggs were filled with Wine bottles, tequila, Whiskey, Lotto Tickets, Nail Polish, Scratch cards and of course a few solid Chocolate Bunnies. 

Watching the family run around the property trying to get the best eggs, was like no other Easter - seeing my mother in law running around the yard telling the "kids" that she's going to win was amazing. (Did I mention we have a very competitive family?)

The Easter celebrations didn't stop there. With Easter Bevi's for all (recipe is below), Adult Easter Baskets filled with homemade maple syrup and lavender soap, adult colouring books, chocolates, spring flower seeds and soil filled in a Terracotta pot topped with a bow. We finished the evening with the largest turkey the husband could find... ( two loafs of bread later to stuff it).

Easter Bevi

I served these in mason jars with the rim rolled in white sugar and a Peeps Bunny on the side.

In a large Container mix the following

4 cups of Watermelon Juice
3 cups of Orange Juice
1 Bottle of Champagne
1 TBSP of Cherry juice in each mason jar (drop in last)

Serve over ice and enjoy!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter and made memories that will not be forgotten but will be topped next year.

For now, it's time for a snooze and maybe some left over turkey for dinner.

Homestead Housewife 

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