Friday, May 26, 2017

Our Family Has Grown

My husband recently told me if he could have the perfect life he would work full time at his current job and be a weekend farmer. 

When he first told me that, I thought that was amazing because we both love being busy. Well little did I know as we continued on with our conversation that he would make his wife (me) work full time maintaining this Farm during the week, shoveling the shit so he could enjoy the farm life after the dirty work was done. 

So as any couple we try to compromise on almost everything... however I also almost "win" every time.

So our compromise was that we get chickens to start.... He wanted meat chickens and I wanted laying chickens.. So I could love them and hug them and call one George !  Then I realized that we already had a cat named George, sometimes we lose track of all the names

So we went into the local farm store to  "order" only two chickens and walked out with five. Yep, this wife now has five awesome chickens! We got them at a day old and it's unbelievable how fast they grow and develop.  

Now, to why we needed five chickens? It came down to math, we had to have a minimum of five chickens. So we got five. These Cute yellow chicks will grow into beautiful white leghorn chickens which should in theory lay an egg a day, omelettes anyone? 

As we anxiously waited for our chickens we were trying to figure out names, not like we would be able to keep track of them - but hey, everyone needs a name ! 

So we are happy to announce the new family members:

Tesla (The husband really wanted a Tesla, and the car was just too expensive)
OR  ( Short for Original Recipe)
Chick 4 and Chick 5 we still are working on some names, who would of thought naming so many animals would make it difficult not to choose names that you may want when you start to create a "human family" . Oh the homestead dilemma!  

The day I had to go and pick up our chicks, I walked back into the store and gave the lady my name. She looked at me and giggled, I was confused. So I asked Is everything okay? She looked me dead in the eyes and said " that box is yours?" Once again, confused to these comments I asked if I should be scared. Well as another lady walked with the box you could here these chicks throughout this huge store, everyone stopped to stare and the box was literally jumping out of this ladies hand! Yup... Of all chickens we had to get the crazy ones. 

Until Next Time, don't be a chicken and enjoy life! 

Homestead Wife

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Knitting and Hot Wax

Project No. 1 
Knit One, Pearl Two

 This week has been filled with little project's for this house wife, thanks to the husband. When people ask where I live and who with I tend to say "I live in a zoo, with four cats, a husband and now chickens on the way".

As I try to get the turkey noises out of my head from that crazy husband and the real ones walking across or property I never want to hear or see a turkey again. Thank you sweetheart for ruining the joy of turkey dinner at holidays - I will never be in love with the word of Turkey ever again!

To help drown the sound I put my headphones on and finished my knitting project, my "resting blanket". 10 balls of No.6 Bulky Yarn, 20 cups of tea, and god knows how many hours later - We have a cozy warm blanket. I am hoping to do it in a different colour, so let the Michael's coupons start coming in.


Start with 40 cast on's and just knit, knit, and knit.

( I know, great pattern. I kept this one simple)

Project No. 2
Husband, Wife, Hot Wax and A Bed

Well, It wouldn't be fair it I just said it was all the husbands fault... Well for now we will blame him.

My Husband and I are a very playful couple, we work hard everyday in everything we do but we enjoy to laugh even more. One night we were laying in bed watching reruns of Friends (Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT) and we were just making jokes, laughing and enjoying fresh popped popcorn.

As we were waiting for the next episode to download he rolled over to blow this candle that I had lite on the end table, note - I didn't know what he was doing, I thought maybe getting more popcorn or a drink. So in my wise decision I decided to start goofing around and poke up, tickle, just be a plain old bug. As I started to bug him, he became surprised and doesn't that beautiful scented pink Yankee Candle full of hot wax go flying across the bed, landing on the husbands bare skin and my first response was "MY CLEAN SHEETS!" he looked at me and said sarcastically "Oh, I'm sorry. OW" as he pointed to the now dried pink wax on his skin. We both started to laugh, inside I cried about my clean sheets.

The Next day I was talking to a good friend and she asked what I was doing as I was breathing heavily, I told her I was changing the sheets off my bed because my husband got wax all over it. She didn't seem too impressed, so I quickly explained and she laughed. However, in that conversation I learned a neat trick how to get wax out of material.

1. Heat up Iron
2. Place a towel over the wax spilled area
3. Iron over the spot on the towel
4. Remove towel, and BAM it's GONE!

Until Next time, don't play with hot wax in bed.