Tuesday, March 28, 2017

So It Begins..

I am the Homestead wife, my husband and I live on the water with our five cats, yup you read that right, five cats. We one day hope to have a family that doesn't consist of only four legged furry kids, but for now it's the seven of us.

I am new to being a stay at home wife, so stay tuned as this will get interesting. When I think of the title "stay at home wife" I think of women who are all dolled up with the perfect nails and expensive clothes...well that isn't me.

I am a penny pinching, dirt on my hands work until it hurts kind of girl. I have always worked, I started working at the age of 12 and haven't stopped working until now. The decision to be a stay at home wife was brought on by the overwhelming stress and it's repercussions it has now caused, this was not an easy decision the leave the culinary world, but with the help and support from my husband and family, it's my new normal.

I now find myself cleaning, organizing, and making our homestead living during my days with lots of projects and Pinterest

My husband and I love staying busy and saving money! We make our own maple syrup, grow a garden, started making almost all our own kitchen spices and sauces. Who knows what's next...

I hope you enjoy the crazy stories that are yet to come, and I hope you may even learn or even be inspired by our crazy life.

Homestead Wife

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